The band


Drums – Claus Winther

Claus WintherC. Winther is a solid and serious drummer and very well prepared for every gig.
He has been in The United States in several occasions to recieve coaching sessions from some of the most wellknowned studio-drummers in the world. This lovely guy has almost played every drum-style there is.

If you wanna make CW happy, just give him chilipeppers! lots of chilipeppers!


Bass – Christian Thrane

C. Thrane also plays all music-styles but prefers the swampy and groovy style.
Thrane plays Sandberg and Yamaha basses and uses an Avalon preamp.

This awesome bass-player is very calm og friendly, and if you wanna make him happy, just let him sleep whenever- and wherever he can.


Guitar – Lasse Baggenaes

LB has been working with Hassing in several projects since the year of 2000, and he is the man behind the melodic solos in the rock-songs. LB is playing Fender guitars, uses Fender and Orange Amps, and a custom-made effect board setup by Skrydstrup / TC Electronics.

If you wanna make LB happy, get him “online everywhere” with some soccer-results.


Keys – Filip Winther

Filip WintherF. Winther is the extra “layer” of a regular rock-band, and makes (because of his good taste of sounds) many of the “songs in 3D”. He is very dedicated to music across styles and genres. Filip plays Yamaha Motif keyboards og Nord C2 Combo Organ.

If you wanna make Filip happy, get him a mountain-bike and an route of 80 km.


Additional Musicians (studio/live):

Kristian Kaaberboel – (sax solo on “The Ones We Are”)
Jesper Falch – (percussion on “Alone” and “The Ones We Are”)
Niels Bo Poulsen – (drums on “Wish” and “Feels Like Rain”)
Jens Fuglsang – (bass on “Feels Like Rain” and “Leave The Light On”)
Jakob Lund Paulsen – (keyboards on “Wish” & “Feels Like Rain”)
Jimmy Guldbæk – (extra guitarist / backing vocals on live-gigs)